Exhibitor Profile

SAHA EXPO has become one of the largest meeting points of the defence, aerospace and space industry, providing a productive platform for important collaborations where more than 1000 domestic and foreign companies from more than 50 countries come together. Having hosted over 30 thousand professional participants last year, SAHA EXPO aims to reach 60 thousand professional visitors from all over the world this year.


Main Battle Tanks
Armoured Combat Vehicles
Tracked Armoured Vehicles
Wheeled Armoured Vehicles
Mine Resistant Vehicles
Tactical Vehicles
Computers and Software
Power Packs
Engineering Vehicles and Equipment
CBRN Systems and Protective Equipment
Obstacle and Obstacle Cleaning Material
Recovery Systems
Bridging System and Equipment
Armour Systems and Ballistic Materials
Camouflage Materials
Cartography and Map Systems
Landmine Detection and Clearance
Military Personal Supplies and Equipment of the Future
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Combat and Support Ships
Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes
Assault boats
Patrol Ships
Mine Hunting Ships
Air Defence and Submarine Defence Platforms
Combat Support Ships
Coast Guard Platforms
Helicopter Platforms
Landing Craft
Sudden Intervention Boats
Inflatable Boats
Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms
Education Platforms
DSH Platforms
Maritime Patrol Platforms
AK/MAK Platforms
General Purpose Platforms
Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
Electronic Warfare and Self-Defence Systems
Electronic Support Systems
Command, Control and Communication Systems
Fire Control and Target Detection Systems
Combat Management Systems
Communication Systems
Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems
Surface Defence Warfare Systems
Air Defence Warfare Systems
Power Packs
Ship Electrical Systems
Ship Cannons and Ammunition
Missiles and Guided Missiles
Torpedoes and Torpedo Defence
Point Defence Systems and Close
Defence Systems
Air Defence Systems
Ship Sub-Systems
De-Gaussing Systems
Remote Controlled Vehicles
Diving Equipment and Rescue Support Equipment
Sailboats for Educational Purposes
 Computers and Software
Ship Design and Shipyards
Ship Classification Services
Composite Material
False Targets and Decoys
Logistic Support Units
Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems
Shipbuilding Materials and Equipment
Air Defence Systems
Air Defence Radars
Air Defence Missiles
Air Defence Artillery
Medium and High Altitude Air Defence
Ballistic Missile Defence
Early Warning Radars
Target Detection, Identification and Tracking Systems
Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD)
Drones and Target Drones
Helmet Systems and Night Vision Goggles
Computers and Software
Pilot Accessories
Parachute Systems
De-Briefing Systems
Tactical Vehicles
Fuel Tankers
External Power Supplies
Bomb Carriers
Survivability Enhancement Kit and Equipment
Logistic Support Units
ROCKET Systems
Electrical Propulsion - Rotary & Linear
Gas Turbines
Hybrid Power Systems
Ion Thrusters
Nuclear Propulsion
Reciprocating and Rotary IC Engines
Air Propellors and Rotors
Rocket Engines and Ramjets
Gun and Launch Tube Propulsion
Final Drive - Water Propulsors
Final Drive - Wheels and Tracks
Transmissions and Powertrains
Conventional Fuels
Explosives Detection Techniques
Pyrotechnic Systems
Plasma Techniques
Launch Technologies
Assault Platforms
General Purpose Platforms
Heavy Load Platforms
AK/MAK Platforms
Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
Sanitary Evacuation and Treatment 
Unmanned Systems
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Mini UAVs
Tactical UAVs
Strategic UAVs
Rotary Wing UAVs
Armed UAVs
Unmanned Airships (Aerostat)
Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) 
Reconnaissance and Surveillance IWAs
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Search and Rescue (SAR) Platforms
Undersea Platforms
Other Satellites
Surveillance and Navigation Satellites
Communication Satellites
Lighter-than-Air Platforms
Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles
Logistics, Command and Surveillance Land Vehicles
Logistics, Support and Surveillance Aircraft
Combat Aircraft
Naval Combat Sea Surface Platforms
Logistic and Support Sea Surface Platforms
Tanks & Armed Vehicles for Land Forces
Space Launchers
Fixed Wing Platforms 
Combat Aircraft
Transport Aircraft
Training Aircraft
Tanker Aircraft
Early Warning Aircraft
VIP Aircraft
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Aircraft
Intelligence and EW Aircraft
Rotary Wing Platforms
Education Platforms
AK/MAK Platforms
General Purpose Platforms
Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
Air Traffic Control
Airport Equipment and Ground Support Systems
Aircraft Sub-Systems
Aircraft Engines
Aircraft Mission Equipment
Avionic Equipment
Navigation Systems and GPS
Satellite and Communication Systems
Mini/Micro Satellite Systems
Upper Orbit Satellites
Direct Broadcast Satellite Services 
Satellites, Communications
Satellite, Military and Information Gathering
Satellite Stations
Satellite Master Antenna Systems Services
Space Satellite Communications Equipment
Antenna Systems
Antennas, Radar or Communications
Antennas, Satellite Dish
Marine Radios and Radar Equipment
Space Services and Research Organisations
Space Agencies
Ground Control Technologies
Image Valorisation
Information Processing and Evaluation
Command, Control and Communication Systems
Friend / Foe Recognition Systems
Electronic Warfare Pods
Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Pods
Target Detection and Navigation Pods
Ballistic Missiles, Complete
Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Engines, Research
Propulsion Units For Guided Missiles and Space
Casing, Missiles and Missile Components: Storage
Engines and Engine Parts, Guided Missile
Rocket Motors, Guided Missiles
Rockets, Space and Military, Complete
Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec
Space Vehicles, Complete)
Space Propulsion Units and Parts)
Guided Missiles
Air Air Missiles
Air Ground Missiles and Ammunition
Stand-Off Systems
Precision Guided Munition
Bombs and Rockets
Small Diameter Ammunition
Large Diameter Ammunition
Artillery Ammunition
Smart Ammunition
Rockets and Guided Missiles
Tactical Ballistic Missiles
Fuels, Propulsion Powder, Plugs and Warheads
Lighting Ammunition
Artillery Systems
Towed and Self-Propelled Artillery / Buses
Artillery Rockets
Fire Control and Fire Support Systems
Target Identification, Diagnosis and Evaluation
Infantry Weapons
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
Ordnans, Flame Throwers
Carbines, 30 mm. and Below
Small Arms
Machine Guns or Machine Gun Parts, 30 mm. and Below
Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers
Ordnance and Accessories, Nec
Pellet and BB Guns
Pyrotechnic Pistols and Projectors
Revolvers or Revolver Parts, 30 mm. and Below
Projectors: Depth Charge, Grenade, Rocket, Etc.
Guns, Howitzers, Mortars and Related Equipment
Guns, Firearms or Gun Parts, 30 mm. and Below
Guns or Gun Parts, Over 30 mm.
Pistols or Pistol Parts, 30 mm. and Below
Cannons and Howitzers, Over 30 mm.
Artillery or Artillery Parts, Over 30 mm.
Rifles, Recoilless
Rifles or Rifle Parts, 30 mm. and Below
Shotguns or Shotgun Parts 30 mm. and Below
Command, Control and Communications [C3]
Data SecurityInformation and Communication Systems
Port and Airport SecurityBorder Control
Thermal Systems
Access Control and Biometric Systems
Warning, Alert and Control Centres
Security Warning and Warning Systems
Anti-terrorism and Special Forces
Safety Tools
Explosion Prevention and Protection
CBRN DetectionDiagnosticsDecontamination
CCTV and Surveillance Systems
Civil Defence
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Network Security
Cloud Computing Security
Hardware Security
Industrial Control Systems Security
Firmware Security
Internet Security
Operating Systems and Container Security
Identity and Access Management 
Messaging and Communication Security
Mobile Devices Security
Internet of Things (IoT Security)
Cybersecurity for Autonomous and Smart Platforms
Endpoint Security
Application Security
Data Security
Cybersecurity Analytics
Cybersecurity Consultation and Training
Cybersecurity Event Management
Cybersecurity Operations
Cyber Intelligence
Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance Management
Cyber Forensics
Cyber Security
Perimeter Security Systems and Intrusion Detection
Patrol Equipment
Economic and Industrial Intelligence
Explosive Material and Handmade Explosive Disposal
Fight against Organised Crime
Firearms / Ammunition / Optics
Forensic Medicine Service
Security Services
Integrated Security Systems
Private Security / Personal Protection
Protection of Industrial and Sensitive AreasEnvironmental Safety
RFIDHardware / Software
Risk Analysis and Management
Transport and Road Safety
Imaging and Scanning Systems
Security Seals
Safety Equipment
Financial System Security
Public Space SecurityCity Security
 System Integration
Telecommunication Systems
Combating Cyber Attacks and Crimes
Tracking and Monitoring
UAV / Drones / Anti-UAV and Anti-Dron 
Image Analysis 
Automotive Safety and Security 
Big Data Security
Big Data Processing and Storage
Development Test and Evaluation Equipment
Accumulators, Aircraft Propeller
Elevators, Aircraft
Military Aircraft Equipment and Armament
Aircraft, Balloons, Hot Air 
Pressure and Vacuum Indicators, Aircraft Engine
Bomb Racks, Aircraft
Dive Brakes, Aircraft
Exhaust Systems, Aircraft
Brakes, Aircraft
Bodies, Aircraft
Aircraft Scoops, Aircraft
Landing Skis and Tracks, Aircraft
Gliders, Aircraft
Wing Assemblies and Parts, Aircraft
Seat Ejector Devices, Aircraft
Starting Vibrators, Aircraft Engine
Engine Heaters, Aircraft
Engine Mount Parts, Aircraft
Motorized Aircraft
Nonmotorized and Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft
Oxygen Systems, Aircraft
Automatic Pilots, Aircraft
Beaching Gear, Aircraft
Pumps, Aircraft Engine
Pontoons, Aircraft
Rocket Motors, Aircraft
Cooling Systems, Aircraft Engine
Wheels, Aircraft
Dusting and Spraying Equipment, Aircraft
Turbo-Superchargers, Aircraft
Turbines, Aircraft Type
Aircraft Lighting Fixtures
Aircraft Fornings, Nonferrous
Aircraft Training Equipment
Position Indicators For Aircraft Equipment
Airfoils, Aircraft Engine
Aircraft Body and Wing Assemblies and Parts
Aircraft Power Transmission Equipment
Aircraft/Aerospace Flight Instruments and Guidance
Fluid Power Valves For Aircraft
Aircraft Landing Assemblies and Brakes
Aircraft Control Instruments
Aircraft Control Systems, Electronic
Airplanes, Fixed or Rotary Wing
Aircraft Assemblies, Subassemblies, and Parts
Aircraft Engine Cradles
Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts
Research and Development On Aircraft Engines
Aircraft Parts and Equipments
Aircraft Propellers and Associated Equipment
Aircraft Armament, Except Guns
Aerospace Investment Castings, Ferrous
Aircraft Arresting Device System
Aircraft Flight Instruments
Aircraft and Motor Vehicle Measurement Equipment
Aircraft Loading Hoists
Flight Recorders
Lubricating Systems, Aircraft
Fuel System Instruments, Aircraft
Fuel Tanks, Aircraft
Command, Control and Communication (C3 Systems)
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance  (ISR Systems)
Friend / Foe Recognition Systems
Night Vision Systems
Thermal Systems
Target Detection and Identification Systems
Laser Technologies
Electronic Warfare Technologies
Electronic Warfare Systems
Electronic Support Measures
Mixing Systems
Chaff/Flare Dispersing Systems
Radar [RF] Warning Systems
Missile Warning Systems
Stand-off and Escort Systems
Stealth Technologies
Network Centric Warfare Systems
Communication Systems
Tactical Communication
Strategic Communication
Digital Systems and Cryptology
Satellite Communications
Listening and Jamming Systems
Acoustic Device Technologies
Acoustic Power Amplifiers & Devices
Inertial/Gravitational Devices
Connectors, Cable and Cabling Technologies
Device Integration/Reliability
Devices and electromechanical Structures
Other Electrical Power Sources & Devices
Electrical Batteries and Capacitors
Electric Motors
Electrical Fuel Cells
Electromagnetic Compatibility Test
Electronic Field Detection Apparatus
Electronic Component Technologies
Solar Panels
Light or Heat Emission Operating Apparatus
Cabin Environment Indicators
Magnetic Field Detection Apparatus
Distance Measuring Equipment
Radio Magnetic Instrumentation
RF Power Amplifiers & Devices
RF/Microwave Components Technologies
RF/Microwave Device Technologies
Acoustic Sensors - Active
Acoustic Sensors - Passive
Non-Acoustic SensorsUnderwater
Environmental Monitoring Systems
Electrical & Electrochemical Sensors
Visible/UV Wave Sensors
Motion Sensor Systems
IR SensorsActive, Laser Sources
IR SensorsPassive, Laser Sources
CB Sensor Systems
Magnetic Sensors
Explosive Detection Sensors
RF Sensors/Active
RF Sensors/ Passive
Microsensor Systems for Active Control of Structures
Military Intelligence
Information Infrastructure
Information Warfare
Rugged Tablet PCs
Submarine Information Distribution Systems
Converters RS422, RS232, Ethernet, Synchro, 1553, ARINC etc.
Ship Data Distribution Systems
ISTAR  (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance)
Sniper Fixing Systems
Command Control Information Management
Command Control CBS
Command Control Mission Planning
Command Control Operations Planning
Command Control Intelligence Management
Command Control Metrology Data Management
Command Control Common Image Management
Command Control Oceanography Data Management
Command & Control
Command Control Message Infrastructure
Command Control Flight Training Planning
Command Control Authorization Infrastructure
Digitization of the battlespace
Platform Condition Monitoring Systems
Platform Command Control Software
Tactical Data Link Management Systems
Torpedo Fire Control Systems
Remote Display Units
Space Situational Awareness
Time Distribution Systems
Information Processing and Evaluation Systems
Information Security, Storage and Recovery Systems
Cloud Computing
Electronic Warfare, Intelligence and Communication Systems
Network Centric Operation
Sonar Systems
Avionics Hardware
Tactical Communication Centres
Electro Acoustic Surveillance and Access Control Systems
Harbour, Submarine, Air and Road Surveillance Systems
Target Detection and Identification Systems
Integrated Border Surveillance and Control Systems
Electro-optical Systems and Products
Fibre-optic Materials, Electrical Cables and Power Distribution Equipment
Power Supplies and Generators
Satellite, GPS and GSM Systems
Meeting and Training Halls Electronic Systems
Photography Equipment
Hybrid Technologies and Fuel Cells
Automatic Test Rig
Training and Simulation Systems
Exercise and Logistics Software
Special Education Software
Information & Data Fusion Technology
Other Information Processing Technology
Digital Signal Processing Technology
Image/Pattern Processing Technology
Speech & Natural Language Processing Technology
Optical Signal Processing Technology
Optimisation & Decision Support Technology
Data & Information Management Technology
Computer Integrated Systems Design
Computer Software Systems Analysis and Design
Secure Computing Techniques
Mathematical Modeling Development
OA Tools and Techniques
Custom Computer Programming Services
Protocol Technology
COTS Software Assessment
Encryption / Crypto Technologies
Software Verification, Validation and Accreditation Techniques
Software Engineering
High-Performance Computing
High Integrity and Safety Critical Computing
Smart Factory Systems
Big Data Analytics
Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Software
Industrial Internet of Things Platforms
M2X Software and Hardware
Modelling and Simulation Solutions
Robot, Automation, Equipment Software and Management Systems
Service Cloud Platform, Security and Privacy
Cyber-Physical Systems
Innovative Sensors
Aerodynamic Designs
Acoustic Designs
Ballistic Designs
Environmental Protection Designs
Stealth Designs
Electrical/Electronic Designs
Hydrodynamic Designs
Mechanical Designs
Mechatronic Designs
Optical Designs
Thermal/Cryogenic Designs
Structural Designs
Military Medical Equipment and Systems
Field Hospitals and Equipment
Mobile Hospitals
Hospital Equipment and Consumables
Mechanical and Electro Medical Diagnostic Tools and Equipment
Operating Theatre Equipment
Operating Devices and Equipment
Emergency Aid and Intensive Care Equipment
Orthopaedic Devices and Prostheses
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Instruments and Equipment
One-Time Use Materials
Supply Materials
Hospital Management Tools, Equipment and Services
Building / Construction / Decoration
Steel and Prefabricated Structures
Construction Contracting Companies
Building Materials and Systems, Concrete, Gas Concrete, Wet Floor, Insulation, Paint, Roof, Partition Walls..etc)
HeatingCoolingVentilation Systems
ElectricalElectronic Building Systems
Building Internal and External Sound Systems
Plumbing Systems
Door and Window Systems
Wooden and Steel Furniture, Offices, Guest Houses, Army Houses, Lodgings, Military Dormitories, Casinos, Reception Halls
Industrial Kitchens, Dining Halls, Bakeries and equipment
Complete Kitchen Equipment, Project Design,
Contracting and Maintenance, Food Preparation,
Cookers, Coolers, Cold Rooms and Storage,
Freezer Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Food
Storage Equipment, Cleaning Equipment,
Laundries and Laundry Equipment
Laundry Washing and Drying Machines,
Dry Cleaning Machines, Irons
Sports Facilities and Equipment
Sports Fields Construction Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Fitness Equipment,
Pool Equipments and Chemicals
Treatment and Recycling Systems
Water Treatment, Waste Treatment, Filtration,
Landfill and Disposal, Environmental Companies
Clothing and Other Textile Products 
Special Use
Water, Heat, Cold Proof Military Clothing
Technical Clothing Required for Hospital Use
Non-Woven Fabrics and Products
Environmental Protection Textiles
Work Safety Clothes
Sleeping Bags
Personnel Clothes
Offensive, Work, Training, Sportswear
Leather Clothing
Home Textiles
Other Textile Products
Flags and Pennants
Consumer Goods
Foodstuffs / Ready Meals
Hospitality and Kitchen Equipment in Sahara
Cleaning Agents and Chemicals
Material Transport Equipment, Workshop Benches, Tools and Accessories
Workshop benches, tools and tools
Socket, Sleeve, Pipe and Lug Wrenches
Iron Cutting Shears
Staples and Hammers
Hardware Hardware
Pipe, Fitting, Hose
Rope, Cord, Chains
Machinery, Equipment and Equipment for Manufacturing
Construction, Labour and Mining Machinery
Textile Garment Machinery
Cleaning Vehicles and Machines
Repair and Labour Service Machinery
Investment Casting
3-Axis CNC Machine
4-Axis CNC Machine
5-Axis CNC Machine
Borverk Machine
Broaching Machine
C Axis Lathe
Multi Spindle Lathe
Hole Drilling Machine
External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Milling Machine
Honing Machine
Internal cylindrical Grinding Machine
Grooving Machine
Tapping Machine
Lapping Machine
Planer Machine
Polishing Machine
Centerless Grinding Machine
Grinding machine
Y-Axis Lathe
Header Beam
Wire Rope Sling Accessories
Exproof Products
Overhead Overhead Cranes
Safety Equipment
Hydraulic Cranes
Cable channel
Tower Crane
Limit Switches
Crawler Cranes
Jib Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Sheet Grabbing
Full Folding Cranes
Crane Electrical Supply Systems
Crane Engine
Crane Board
Crane Reducer
Crane Bumper
Chain Sling Accessories
III-V Compounds
Other Semiconducting Materials
Carbon-based Materials
Magnetic Materials
Silicon-based Materials
Superconducting Materials
Insulating & Dielectric Materials
Acoustic & Vibration Absorbing Materials
IR Signature Control Materials
Radar Absorbing Materials and Coatings
Structural Radar Absorbing Materials
Biological Agent Defence, Precursors & Related Materials
Chemical Agent Defence, Precursors & Related Materials
Research for non-CBD Applications
Chemical & Biological Detection Techniques
Mid-Spectrum Agent Defence
Medical Products and Materials
Woven / Knitted Fiber
Epoxy Resin
Phenolic Resin
Roving Fiber
Isophalic Resin
Felt Fiber
Cropped Fiber
Orthophthalic Resin
Urethane Resin
Vinylester Resin
Aluminum and Its Alloys
Copper and Its Alloys
Low Alloy Steel
Magnesium and Its Alloys
Stainless Steel
Titanium and Its Alloys
High Alloy Steel
Manufacturing Processes of Ablative Composite Materials - Production and Application Technology
Corrosion and Wear Control Technology
Metals & Metal Matrix Composite Technology
Nanomaterial Technologies
Polymer and Polymer Matrix Ablative Composite Technologies
Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composite Technologies
Ceramics, Ceramic Matrix Composite and Glass Technologies
Smart/Functional Materials for Structural Uses
Structural Materials - Additive Manufacturing
Structural Materials - Forming
Structural Materials - Materials Removal
Structural Materials Processing - Joining Technology
Structural Materials Processing - Surface Protection Technologies
Non-Destructive Evaluation & Life Extension of Structural Materials
Structural Mechanics
Structural Metamaterials