Exhibitor Profile

SAHA EXPO is the largest meeting point of the defence & aerospace industry that provides an efficient platform for significant collaborations, which is unite more than 1000+ domestic and international companies from over 50 countries. With over 30k professional attendees hosted in the previous year, SAHA EXPO aims to reach 60k professional visitors all over the world this year.

    • Public Institutions and Public Production Facilities
    • Land Platform Manufacturers
    • Aviation Platform Manufacturers
    • Naval Platform Manufacturers
    • Civil Aviation and Space Sector
    • Electrics and Electronics Sector
    • Software Sector
    • Special Alloys and Advanced Materials Industry
    • Machinery and Production Equipment Sector
    • Metal and Metal Forming Sector
    • Electromechanical and Automation Sector
    • Design, Modeling and Simulation Sector
    • Technical Textile Sector
    • Composite Sector
    • Universities
    • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Testing and Certification Sector